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News of 2017-09-20

Version 2.6.7 Online : Full review of the Hero section with added features (duels between players) and character health management. Fixed minor bugs.

News of 2017-09-08

Version 2.6.6 Online : Returning Quests! Your consultant offers you to carry out tasks to gain more experience. These are sorted by theme. Minor bug fixes. Continuous code optimization.

News of 2017-09-03

Planet Kari'a celebrates its 7th anniversary today ! A gift was offered to all players on their first login. I thank you all for your fidelity to the game after all these years. I've seen hundreds of different players, some have stayed, others are gone, some have returned and it has always been a pleasure to have your feelings on the game. Being alone to develop it from the beginning, he has sometimes been complicated to combine personal, professional life and find time to achieve updates. However, we are already at version 2.6.5. Many changes have taken place since the beginning, I hope that the last ones you like and will make you want to talk about you. Thank you again to all and all because the game would have no reason to exist without players !

News of 2017-08-30

Version 2.6.5 online : Come and discover a new character: The explorer. He will travel the planet to discover its secrets and bring back resources. Some improvements have also been made (better display according to the resolution of the screen, removal of obsolete code, bug fixes (zoo, animal contest, etc.)).

News of 2017-08-11

Version 2.6.4 online: I added the character Consultant, he is not playable but provides tips on the game. He is however customizable like the other characters. I have updated the section First Connection. Small adjustments made in the layout of the game. New activities on pet's section.

Planète Kari'a is an online free-to-play game. Each day, you win virtual resources for progessing in the game. You gain points for every actions that leads you to the top of the ranking. Log in every day for a few minutes to get your resources, checking your messages, construct buildings, complete quests and rise in the rankings. If you do not know where to start, look under FAQ that will explain the operation of the game and each item. Then, check your messages regularly and perform quests to evolve in the game.

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